Please feel free to use our essays.  They may be downloaded, copied and used as you choose.  It is our desire that by way of these simple lessons that the Word of God may be taught and obeyed.  Since I give permission for others to use my material, it is obvious I have no control over who uses it or what they teach.  Just because someone uses my material does not imply endorsement of his or her teachings. We all recognize that plagiarism is very wrong.  I personally try very hard to make sure I give credit to writers and/or references I use in our essays. Please give me credit when you use my material. I am sure you understand!


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As we search the Internet for information we understand that we may run into a site that is offensive or that we disagree with.  We may not necessarily concur with all the information that is contained in the links that we have provided.  The Bible must be the standard as to the correctness of the information we are gathering. Each visitor to Essays by Fox is urged to exercise discretion when following any links that are provided by this site. Many times we will furnish a site in the essay as to the reference of the material used.  If they should lead to something you are not comfortable with please feel free to use your delete key. 



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