Mission Work in Russia


During the years of 1995 through 1998 I made five trips to Syktyvkar, Russia to teach in the Bible School there.  My teaching tours were for a period of three weeks each trip.


The West Main church of Christ, Tupelo, Mississippi was in the oversight of this mission work.


These trips will always be engrafted into my memory.  I met some wonderful Russia brethren on these trips.  Many of which I still am in contact with until this good day.  A rich experience also was my American “traveling partners” who accompanied me to Russia and taught the Bible also at the school.  My travel partners were:  Robert Kingsley, Everett Donaldson, Roger Howell and Charles Tharp.  I made one trip without a “partner”.  This trip was very lonely yet productive.


My first trip with Robert Kingsley was interesting in different ways.  We both were asked to teach a Bible Class to Public High School students that also spoke English.  We were told as to the subject material, “No restrictions, just teach the Bible”.  Now isn’t that interesting?  I do not believe that could happen here in the USA.




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